All You Ever Wanted to Know About
Green Sealants & Adhesives

The world just keeps changing and hard working professionals need fast, reliable answers relating to the constant array of new products and information, more and more of which are green-or, sadly, greenwashed, ( "false or misleading green marketing claims" ). Chem Link has green answers for your green questions relating to construction sealants and adhesives.

Chem Link was founded two decades ago by a chemist with a commitment to formulating and manufacturing such products that were both high performance and totally green. He knew it could be done, despite the conventional "wisdom" that said it couldn't. So Chem Link did it-and keeps on doing it.

Chem Link knows green adhesives and sealants. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facilities support the depth of our technical knowledge. R&D is at the heart of this company to assure that products we sell are based on the latest green technology-not yesterday's.

Q. What is Chem Link's definition of a green adhesive or sealant?

A. Our definition of "green" has two inseparable parts:

First, every product we sell must be capable of the highest performance level needed.
Green technology does not mean poor performance! Chem Link green technology means superior performance!

Second, it must not present any health or environmental hazard, to those who manufacture it, ship or store it, apply it or live with it. Chem Link products are green (safe) because they contain zero solvents; they are free of virtually all VOC's.

Q. What are VOC's?

A. Volatile Organic Compounds are substances that evaporate into the atmosphere at room temperature. Some are harmless (water). Many sealants are not, and contribute to the greenhouse effect, smog, depletion of the ozone layer, chronic illnesses (lung damage, breathing disorders, cancer) and degradation of workmanship. Many have irritating odors and are flammable.

Q. Where can I find green adhesives and sealants?

A. has both a Rep Locator and Distributor Locator to help you locate green adhesives/sealants in your area. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is your back up. We can always help you get the green adhesives and sealants you need!

Q. Why should I go to the trouble to find and use green adhesives and sealants?


  1. Knowledge of green adhesives/sealants builds your reputation & attracts new clients.
  2. Green construction protects the health of workers and building occupants and increases their productivity.
  3. Green construction reduces air pollution/landfill waste; keeps our planet healthier.
  4. Green construction will significantly conserve energy and related costs over time.
  5. Green construction is the key to the triple bottom line: people, prosperity and planet, (social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic success).