ChemLink offers a unique blend of product performance and service

  • Pioneers in high performance polyether adhesive and sealant technology
  • Adaptable technology to meet precise customer needs
  • Exceptional customer service and technical support
  • Commitment to on-time delivery
  • Safe: no toxic risk to the environment or humans


Polyether sealants and adhesives are noted for their ability to form a strong bond to a wide range of materials and to retain flexibility and elongation properties over time. This combination of strength and elasticity are well suited for a wide range of vehicles that will be exposed to continuous vibration and stress over the vehicle’s service life, and where different substrates will exhibit varying rates of expansion.

Reslient, multi-purpose joint sealant
Semi-self-leveling moisture curing sealant
Elastic seam sealer for metal substrates
High-performance structural adhesive


ChemLink polyether sealant and adhesive technology is adaptable to a very broad range of assembly needs on the factory floor. Polyethers adhere to most production materials including wood, metal, plastics, foam, and glass and even to difficult-to-bond surfaces such as Kynar 500° PVDF coated metals. Application and cure rates can be modified to meet the demands of a high output production line.


ChemLink polyether sealants and adhesives are chemically predisposed to react to moisture and water: Moisture accelerates the polyether curing process. Once cured, polyether sealants and adhesives have excellent UV and moisture resistant properties, retain their flexibility and adhesion through the stress and strain of a boat’s movement through water, and can be sanded to a smooth finish for maximum aesthetic impact.