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NovaLink™ FP is a high quality, moisture curing elastomeric waterproofing and sealant designed to fill, seal and level grout lines, voids, seams and surface damage on construction materials prior to application of liquid waterproofing. NovaLink FP may also be used for repairing roof leaks, asphalt shingles, roof valleys and seams, chimney flashings, and emergency roof repairs.


Do not use at temperatures below 35 degrees F (2 degrees C.) Maintain NovaLink FP materials above room temperature before applying. Remove all dirt, oil, loose paint, water, frost and other contamination that can interfere with bonding. Form release residue and lime should be power washed and allowed to dry.

NovaLink FP may be applied to green concrete without out-gassing. Although concrete cure times may vary with temperature, for optimum bonding, concrete cure time should be three to seven days. Application surfaces must be dry the touch and free of obvious moisture.

NovaLink FP may be used to repair and level surface defects, grout lines, joints and penetrations in waterproofing applications. In transition joints, or where damage is excessive, reinforce with Tietex T-326 fabric. In right angle joints use NovaLink FP to form a one inch cant.

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Physical Properties

    • Solvent free 100% solids, will not shrink
    • adheres bonds to damp concrete
    • tack free 60 minute skin over
    • no outgassing no outgassing on damp surfaces