WallSecure High Performance Wall & Block Adhesive

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WallSecure is a high solids, solvent free, fast setting, moisture cure adhesive. Specially designed for bonding drywall, gypsum, landscape blocks, capstones, stone, foam, fiberglass, FRP panels, and ceiling systems. WallSecure is ideal for filling gaps or forming bonds on irregular surfaces without shrinking. WallSecure complies with all OSHA, State, Local and Federal air quality regulations.


Ensure surfaces are clean and free of dirt, oil and any contaminants. If required, isopropyl alcohol is an effective cleaner for surface preparation. Please contact customer service for application guidelines with temperatures below 32°F (0°C). Apply a minimum ¼” bead of WallSecure to rafters, studs or substrate, making sure bonded materials are tightly joined or as specified by code. For best results, set materials and secure within 10 minutes of application. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture.
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Product Features

    • solvent free 100% solids, will not shrink
    • time saving fast setting
    • environmentally friendly meets CARB and SCAQMD
    • tensile strength 170 +/- 5 psi
    • shear strength 190 +/- 10 psi

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