M-1 CR Clean Room

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M-1 CR (Clean Room) is a thermosetting, moisture cure sealant which does not contain solvent or isocyanates. M-1 CR has been tested for airborne molecular contamination and is approved for semiconductor clean room use. Fully cured M-1 CR releases virtually no molecular air contamination at room temperature. M-1 CR is specified for biomedical, electronics, and aerospace clean rooms where contamination of the air and working surfaces cannot be tolerated. M-1 CR also used in food processing, hospitals, schools, offices and public buildings.


Bonding surfaces must be clean, dry and free of oxidation, mill oils, wax, and release agents that may interfere with adhesion. Dry and fully cure painted surfaces before bonding. Alcohol and ammonia water are effective cleaners for surface preparation. Abraded or irregular surfaces are acceptable bonding surfaces but must be clean and sound. All substrates must be free of manufacturing defects. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture.
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Product Features

    • VOC Compliant less than 15 grams per liter
    • environmentally friendly meets CARB, BAAQMD, SCAQMD
    • solvent free 100% solids, will not shrink

Testing & Approvals