Chem Link Now Offers RV Sealant Products That Overcome Challenges for RV Owners

12-18-2017 | RV, Sealant

Schoolcraft, MI (December 19, 2017) — Chem Link®, a company known for its high-performance construction adhesives, concrete and roof sealants, coatings and related products, has begun offering sealant products for the recreational vehicle (RV) market. Proven across other market segments, these polyether-based sealant products will not shrink, are paintable, and have excellent flexibility, weathering and UV-stability properties, making them an ideal alternative to butyl tape and other products traditionally used for sealing and bonding applications.

Chem Link is introducing four products to the RV market, including:

  • DuraLink™ SSL Semi-Self-Leveling Sealant, designed to fill in lap joints and flanges around vents and fans on RV rooftops. This sealant product features a unique flow application that prevents excessive running and provides excellent adhesion to many materials used in RV construction.
  • DuraLink™ 35 Elastomeric Sealant, which provides a watertight seal between lap joints and flanges. Unlike butyl tape, this product will not creep in high temperatures or leave black residue behind. It bonds to difficult surfaces, such as Kynar 500® PVDF and other anodized metals.
  • Low-VOC EPDM/TPO Primer, a one-step primer used in conjunction with DuraLink SSL and DuraLink 35. It provides advanced adhesion properties when used on EPDM and TPO membranes, and it complies will all existing VOC regulations.
  • M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant, a repair solution for delamination of fiberglass to plywood. Because it uses moisture to cure, it is ideal for temporary underwater emergency leak repair. It combines the high bond strength of an adhesive with the flexibility of a sealant product.

Chem Link’s polyether technology delivers unique properties in sealants and adhesives by reacting with moisture naturally present in building materials and the atmosphere to cure. Thus, they do not contain solvents or isocyanates, conforming to all OTC regulations and California Proposition 65.

“Products currently used for sealing and adhesion in the RV market have inherent issues—they do not bond well long term and they tend to run or move when they get hot, leaving unsightly black goo behind,” explains Jeff Piotrowicz, Product Manager, Chem Link. “By using DuraLink 35 in conjunction with DuraLink SSL and our low-VOC primer on lap seals, you avoid all of these issues and get better adhesion in the process. Additionally, our M-1 product is an ideal solution for side panel repairs or other instances of delamination. Like the other products we are introducing to the RV market, it can be used even if there’s rain, dew or a leak present because it cures with moisture rather than solvent release.”

DuraLink 35, DuraLink SSL, M-1 and Chem Link’s Low-VOC ESDM/TPO Primer are available for use in RV applications today. Contact Chem Link if you need more information, or Find a Chem Link Rep for direct sales near you.