Education & Training

SOPREMA's Gulport, Florida, education and training centerSOPREMA offers a wide variety of education and training programs to assist our customers and partners by providing the knowledge needed to make educated decisions when selecting and installing building materials for roofing, waterproofing, wall systems and civil engineering projects.  From AIA courses eligible for continuing education units, to our specialized contractor training program, our experts are working to make you experts!

Training is offered at locations across the country – from design professionals’ offices, contractor or distributor yards as well as at our training centers located in Wadsworth, Ohio, Gulfport, Mississippi, Newark, New Jersey, Pompano Beach, Florida, San Francisco, California and Capitol Heights, MD.

Contractor Training Program


Our SOPREMTraining classroom for educational courses and contractor trainingsA Contractor Training Program is designed for SOPREMA Authorized Contractors as a way to improve general knowledge regarding roofing, waterproofing and more and to provide you with theoretical as well as practical training including both classroom as well as hands-on application instruction.  Courses are taught by one of our expert Technical Representatives.  Fees and course materials vary pending the course location.

For full course descriptions and objectives, please download our guide below.  To further explore our contractor training program, please contact us or check out our FAQs.

Contractor Training Program Brochure

Current Training Courses

Current contractor training program courses include:

  • Roof Construction Science (METCT092)
  • SBS-Modified Heat Welded Membrane Systems (METCT100)
  • SBS-Modified Cold Adhesive Applied Membrane Systems (METCT102)
  • SBS-Modified Self Adhered Membrane Systems (METCT103)
  • SBS-Modified Mechanically Fastened Membrane Systems (METCT104)
  • Liquid Flashing Systems (METCT107)
  • PVC Adhered Membrane Roof Systems (METCT120)
  • PVC Mechanically Fastened Membrane Roof Systems (METCT121)
  • Copper Art and Silver Art Systems (METCT122)
  • PMMA Liquid Applied Roof Systems (METCT140)
  • Waterproofing Contraction Science (METCT200)
  • Below Grade Self Adhered Membrane Systems (METCT201)
  • PMMA Liquid Applied Pedestrian Trafficable Surface Systems (METCT210)
  • PMMA Liquid Applied Vehicular Trafficable Surface Systems (METCT211)
  • Heat Welded SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems (METCT220)
  • Cold Adhesive Applied SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems (METCT221)
  • Self Adhered SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems (METCT222)
  • PMMA Liquid Membrane Plaza Deck Systems (METCT224)
  • Liquid Flashing for Plaza Deck Systems (METCT225)

Find our contractor training program course descriptions here.

Once an applicator has completed and passed a Contractor Training Course, they are then recognized as a Certified SOPREMA Applicator. View the full list of Authorized SOPREMA Contractors who employ Certified Applicators in your area.


AIA Approved Courses

Courses qualify for 1 continuing education unit (CEU)

Wall Systems and Design
AIA Course #: 62
Credits: 1.0 (Qualifies for HSW)

Single Ply Roof Systems
AIA Course #: 61
Credits: 1.0 (Qualifies for HSW)

SBS-Modified Bitumen Membrane Systems
AIA Course #: AIA10
Credits: 1.0 (Qualifies for HSW)

Below Grade Waterproofing Systems and Design
AIA Course #: 20A
Credits: 1.0 (Qualifies for HSW)

PMMA Liquid Applied Roofing and Waterproofing Systems
AIA Course #: 71A
Credits: 1.0 (Qualifies for HSW)

Garden Roof Systems
AIA Course #: 31A
Credits: 1.0 (Qualifies for HSW)