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SBS-Modified Bitumen Adhesive is a solvent free, moisture cure adhesive designed for easy installation of bituminous membranes in difficult wet or cold environments without sacrificing performance. SBS-Modified Bitumen Adhesive is a unique, isocyanate free formula that is safe for occupied buildings such as schools, hospitals, or food processing plants where solvent vapors are not tolerated. SBS-ModifiedBitumen Adhesive permits installation directly to solvent sensitive or heat sensitive materials such as EPS insulation, iso-board, or fiber recovery board where torches cannot be used. SBS-Modified Bitumen Adhesive contains very low levels of VOC’s, is environmentally compliant throughout North America, and may be used in urban areas where hot asphalt kettles are prohibited or impractical. SBS-Modified Bitumen Adhesive is OSHA compliant and eliminates chronic exposure hazards inherent to solvent based adhesives.


Apply SBS Modified-Bitumen Adhesive to the surface of a clean and dry insulation/recovery board at an application rate of 1.5 - 2.5 gallons per square. (Rough or absorbent surfaces may require additional adhesive). Lay the SBS sheet into wet adhesive and immediately secure with a roller. Mislaid sheets may be pulled free and repositioned providing the adhesive is still wet. Dry areas and areas starved of adhesive must be coated again prior to securing the SBS sheet. On roofs with positive slopes greater than 0.75” / 12” back nailing laps is recommended. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture. SBS Modified-Bitumen Adhesive can be applied with a flat blade squeegee or trowel. Only available through Chem Link distributors.

SBS-Modified Bitumen Adhesive

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Additional information

Weight 65 lbs

Product Features

Solvent Free

100% solids, will not shrink

Environmentally Friendly

very low VOCs

Low Odor

eliminates chromic exposure to solvent based adhesives

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