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Single-Ply EPDM Adhesive is a 100% solvent free, moisture cure, single coat adhesive that is used to fully adhere EPDM rubber. Wall and curb flashings still require a coating of the underside of the rubber and flashing. Unlike water based adhesives, Single-Ply EPDM Adhesive cannot freeze and be damaged in storage and shipping in freezing temperatures. This unique product is virtually odor free which allow the adhesive to be used in a wide variety of job site environments and can be used in all fifty states without restriction. Single-Ply EPDM Adhesive has a patented, moisture cure formula that offers easy installation of EPDM in difficult, damp or cold environments. It is safe for occupied buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, or food processing plants, where solvent vapors and odors are not tolerated. Single-Ply EPDM Adhesive bonds aggressively to iso-board, gypsum composite recovery boards and most other construction surfaces. The adhesive is environmentally compliant, solvent free and contains very low levels of VOC’s. Single-Ply EPDM Adhesive can be shipped and used throughout the United States without restriction, is OSHA compliant and eliminates chronic exposure hazards associated with conventional solvent release.


All bonding surfaces shall be clean, dry and free of all dust, dirt and all other bond breaking contaminants. The adhesive shall applied to the insulation/recovery board at a rate of 90-120 square feet per gallon. Rough or absorbent surfaces or cool temperatures may cause the need for additional adhesive. Allow the adhesive to become tacky (forming strings), when touched before setting the rubber in place. “String time” will vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. In warm, humid conditions, the rubber can frequently be set in ten minutes. Cool conditions will dramatically slow down the “string time”. Secure the bond with a soft bristle, floor broom after setting the rubber in place. Weighted rollers are not recommended. Mislaid sheets can be pulled free and reset. Any dry spots shall be coated with additional adhesive. Since this is not a “contact bond adhesive”, minor bubbles can occur. Single Ply EPDM Adhesive is commonly applied with heavy nap paint rollers, Better Spreaders, or Super Spreaders. Back rolling the adhesive with a heavy nap roller is recommended. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture. Only available through Chem Link distributors.

Product Features

Solvent Free

will not shrink

Time Saving

no mixing required

Labor Savings

single coat adhesive

Water Based

cannot freeze in shipping or storage

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