Building Owners

Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions

For over 100 years, SOPREMA has been providing building owners and facility managers with commercial roofing and waterproofing solutions for everything from new construction to retrofit and re-roofing projects. We offer a full line of components required to create watertight assemblies and are constantly improving that offering to meet the demands of our evolving industry.

Contractor Education

To ensure your building is properly protected, we provide classroom and hands-on training to our customers on a variety of products and installation methods. Find a Certified SOPREMA Applicator in your area.

Why Choose SOPREMA?

Proven Experts –Since 1908, when the company was founded, SOPREMA has been invested in the building materials industry. Today, this family owned company operates over 40 manufacturing plants throughout the world that produce millions of feet of waterproofing and commercial roofing membranes and insulation each year. Our history and expertise allow us to pass that knowledge to our skilled SOPREMA Authorized Contractors through our comprehensive contractor training program helping our partners provide quality workmanship.

Products for Durability – SBS-modified bitumen roofing components provide some of the toughest and most proven membranes available in today’s construction industry. For areas like schools or hail and wind prone areas, SBS-modified bituminous roofing membranes are highly desirable for their durability and resistance to puncture damage. Simply put, these are roofs that are built to last.

Unique Products for Various Applications – From cold adhesives for use where heat welding isn’t an option, to low odor or low VOCs (not odor masking) PMMA liquid applied products where odor is a consideration, to beautiful single ply PVC membranes with metallic powder incorporated into the formulations resulting in elegant copper and silver design options…..SOPREMA has unique offerings for unique buildings.

Energy Saving Options – Our goal is to continue to offer innovative products that are not only sustainable, but also offer answers for architects and building owners seeking energy conserving options. Our garden roof systems, highly reflective surfaces and bright white granulated cap plies all contribute to energy conservation and creating comfortable indoor environments.