RoofersCoffeeShop® Welcomes Chem Link®

05-09-2021 | Adhesives, e-curb, News, Sealant, Soprema


Chem Link offers adhesives, sealants and coatings that combine the highest performance with the lowest environmental and human health risks.

RoofersCoffeeShop, the award-winning place where the industry meets for technology, information, and everyday business, is pleased to welcome Chem Link. Chem Link is an innovative company, utilizing a wealth of knowledge to provide sealant solutions that meet the issues contractors face today. They are well versed in climate, testing standards, construction issues, government regulations and business-related information that aids in creating of quality, non-harmful products.

Their E-Curb® penetration seal system provides an efficient and cost-effective way to mount roofing and solar panel frames. Roofing and solar contractors save time and labor expenses with the E-Curb and benefit from these additional advantages:

  • Fits all penetration shapes and sizes allowing for unlimited configurations
  • Can be bonded to a wide range of surfaces
  • Sealants and adhesives are 100 percent solids and do not shrink
  • Impervious to ice, corrosion, UV light and ponding water
  • Sealants and adhesives are solvent-free and contain virtually no VOCs, minimizing health risks to contractors and building occupants

The M-1® Universal Adhesive & Sealant is designed to bond to a variety of construction and roofing materials, including masonry, wood, glass, aluminum, foam, metal flashing, copings, skylights and HVAC surfaces. It is a moisture cure, multi-purpose structural adhesive/sealant with a tough elastic waterproof seal.

Chem Link offers a color match tool, allowing contractors to find the color sealant or adhesive they need to match their roofing or construction project.

RoofersCoffeeShop is pleased to welcome Chem Link

About Chem Link: 

Chem Link was founded in 1990 and focuses on meeting the needs of contractors, customers and industries. In 2016, Chem Link joined the SOPREMA family. Chem Link is committed to investing in its manufacturing process to continue providing high-quality products with low environmental and human health risks.

Chem Link received its ISO QMS 9001 certification in 2012, which guarantees that the processes used by Chem Link to produce its products meet the ISO QMS 9001 standards. The chemists, engineers, technicians and senior scientists working to create Chem Link products have over 60 years of combined experience, with over 25 years of mastering polyether and silicone technologies. To learn more about Chem Link, please visit

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