Chem Link Launches Two New NOVALINK™ Waterproof Sealant Products

07-01-2018 | News

Schoolcraft, MI (July 2, 2018) — Chem Link®, formulator and manufacturer of high-performance, environmentally friendly construction adhesives, waterproofing sealants, coatings and related building products, is launching NOVALINK FP (a flash and patch mastic product) and NOVALINK WM (a waterproofing membrane). NOVALINK FP will be available in a 10.1 oz. cartridge and NOVALINK WM will be available in two- or five-gallon pails.

NOVALINK FP is a high-quality, moisture-curing elastomeric waterproofing and sealant designed to fill, seal and level grout lines, voids, seams and surface damage on construction materials prior to application of liquid waterproofing. It is also useful for repairing roof leaks, asphalt shingles, roof valleys and seams, chimney flashings and in emergency roof repair situations.

NOVALINK WM is a cold-applied, single-component waterproofing membrane that cures by exposure to atmospheric and substrate moisture to form a continuous, tough, reinforced elastic seal. It is solvent-free and compliant with all known environmental and OSHA requirements, allowing its use in confined spaces with standard personal protection equipment.

“We are excited to launch these two new products, which will replace our previous BARR product offering and ensure our customers have access to products best suited to meet their needs,” said Jeff Piotrowicz, product manager. “These are strong, durable products that are also formulated as sustainable solutions, with low VOC content and low environmental impact. They are easy to use and easy to trust.”

Customers can find the BARR products they’ve come to trust under these new NOVALINK SKUs:

  • F1110 (NOVALINK FP 10.1 oz. cartridge)
  • F1117 (NOVALINK WM five-gallon pail)
  • F1118 (NOVALINK WM two-gallon pail)

For more information on NOVALINK FP and WM products, customers should contact their sales representative. You can also contact Chem Link directly via phone, form or email at this link. Find a Chem Link Rep near you for NOVALINK products.