Flooring & Walls

BuildSecure Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive

BuildSecure is a fast setting, non-burning structural adhesive designed for various “panel on frame” assemblies in commercial and residential construction and is one of the most popular, best construction adhesives that Chem Link manufactures. BuildSecure is specially designed for bonding most construction materials including wood studs, galvanized steel framing, aluminum framing, rafters, subfloors, drywall, gypsum, stone, fiberglass, FRP panels, expanded polystyrene (EPS), and polyurethane foam. BuildSecure is a solvent free, non-flammable, moisture curing adhesive. It complies with all OSHA, State, Local and Federal air quality regulations.


FloorSecure Multi-Purpose Wood & Tile Adhesive

FloorSecure is a solvent free, odorless adhesive that still works without sacrificing performance. FloorSecure has a unique, isocyanate free formula that offers easy installation of wood and laminated substrates. FloorSecure is safe for occupied buildings such as schools, hospitals, or food processing plants, where solvent vapors and odors are not tolerated. Flooring work can thus be done without shutting-down operations. FloorSecure will not shrink, ensuring maximum coverage per unit. Unlike most solvent based floor tile adhesives which require flashing of solvent and maintain a strong odor long after application, FloorSecure contains very low VOC’s and is environmentally compliant throughout the United States. FloorSecure is OSHA compliant and eliminates chronic exposure hazards associated with conventional solvent release adhesives. It contains no carcinogens or mutagens – excellent news for both the occupants of the building where this floor tile adhesive is being applied as well as for the installation team!


WallSecure High Performance Wall & Block Adhesive

WallSecure is a high solids, solvent free, fast setting, moisture cure adhesive. Specially designed for bonding drywall, gypsum, landscape blocks, capstones, stone, foam, fiberglass, FRP panels, and ceiling systems. WallSecure is ideal for filling gaps or forming bonds on irregular surfaces without shrinking and also works well as a wall tile adhesive. WallSecure complies with all OSHA, State, Local and Federal air quality regulations.