Introducing Chem Link’s FloorSecure Multi-Surface Wood & Floor Tile Adhesive

01-19-2018 | Adhesives, Floor, Tile

Schoolcraft, MI (January 20, 2018)—Chem Link—a formulator and manufacturer of high-performance building adhesives, roof sealants, coatings and related products for application throughout the building envelope—now offers FloorSecure, a polyether-based, isocyanate-free, multi-surface wood & floor tile adhesive designed for installation of wood and laminated substrates. This single-component floor-adhesive product is easy to apply and provides superior adhesion to many substrates, even when damp.

FloorSecure’s 100 percent solids, solvent-free formulation means it has low odor, low VOCs, and no chemicals restricted by California Proposition 65, and it is thus ideal for use in sensitive occupied structures like schools and hospitals. It also means FloorSecure will not shrink due to solvent evaporation, maximizing coverage per unit and ensuring the product won’t become brittle or cracked over time. Chem Link’s wood and floor tile adhesive conforms to the OTC Rule for Sealants and USDA Requirements for Non-food Contact, it is OSHA compliant, and is environmentally compliant throughout the United States.

“We are committed to providing contractors with compliant adhesive options that can be used just about anywhere, but do not sacrifice performance,” said Jeff Piotrowicz, product manager, Chem Link. “Being solvent-free not only means FloorSecure is an environmentally and occupant-friendly choice, but one that ultimately saves contractors money by staying flexible and not shrinking over time reducing the number of call backs due to adhesion failure.”

Please reach-out to Chem Link if you need more information, or Find a Chem Link Rep for direct sales near you.