DuraSil® SL Self-Leveling SealantSKU: F1223

DuraSil SL is an oxime (neutral) cure silicone sealant designed for use in pitch pans and warranted E-Curb penetration seals. DuraSil SL is suitable for hot pipe applications up to 400°F (204°C). DuraSil SL’s low durometer and resilient “elastomeric” properties accommodate greater movement in penetration seals. DuraSil SL is solvent free, contains no isocyanates and will not shrink upon curing.


Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and free from all contamination that may inhibit the sealant’s performance. Brush away all gravel or loose granules. Isopropyl alcohol is an effective cleaner for surface preparation. Do not extend DuraSil SL with foreign materials or liquids. The seal surface will skin over and will be water tight in approximately 1 hour. Do not use if rain is anticipated within 4 hours. Please contact customer service for application guidelines with temperatures below 32°F (0°C). Do not use on TPO without the use of TPO primer. Do not use on Hypalon. Smooth APP membranes require a granulated target. This product sets rapidly upon exposure to moisture. Only available through Chem Link distributors.

Product Features

Solvent Free

100% solids, will not shrink

Self Leveling

no special tools required

Wide Range

apply at temps as low as 32F

Color Stability

good stability, will not suntain

Neutral Cure

will not promote metal corrosion

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