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Chem Link HBR®-Rod is a round, flexible, continuous lengths of extruded, closed-cell polyethylene foam backer rod for use as a backing material for elastomeric and other cold applied sealants. TYPE: C - Per ASTM C 1330. Cylindrical, flexible sealant backings composed predominantly of closed cell material per ASTM C 1330 for use with cold applied sealants. TYPE: 3 -Per ASTM D 5249. Round rods of various diameters for use with cold applied joint sealants. TEMPERATURE LIMITS: -45˚F to +160˚F.


Just prior to installing HBR, clean all joints per the sealant manufacturer’s recommendations. Thoroughly remove any concrete form-release agents, curing compound residue, laitance, or any foreign materials. To ensure a good sealant bond, joints must be clean and dry when the new sealant is installed. Air compressors used for this purpose must be equipped with traps for removal of oil and moisture. Install HBR at the depth recommended by the sealant manufacturer with a blunt tool. Only available through Chem Link distributors.

Product Features


closed cell, polyethylene foam


meets 1990 Clean Air Act requirements

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easy to apply


easy to apply

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