A solvent based liquid primer that is designed to comply with VOC regulations. It can be brush applied to EPDM or TPO roofing membranes, plastics, and any other difficult bonding surface.


Read SDS before use. Eliminate all ignition sources. DO NOT SMOKE. Mixing is not recommended, even when settling occurs. Do not thin. Thinning will affect performance. Clean debris from EPDM or TPO surface and wash with isopropyl alcohol. Brush apply the primer directly to the roof surface, starting at the base of the roof penetration, extending out a minimum of one inch beyond the perimeter of the ChemCurb/Ecurb on all sides. No streaks from primer starved areas should be visible.  Allow the Low-VOC Primer to flash-off until it does not transfer to a dry finger touch yet remains tacky. Install ChemCurb/Ecurb according to application instructions.  Coverage Rate - Approximately 700 ft²/gallon (65 m²). Only available through Chem Link distributors.

Product Features

Shelf Life

9 months

VOC Compliant

less than 250 g/l


synthetic rubber

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