Products & Sustainable Development

  • Chem Link, a SOPREMA Group Company, specializes in the development of STPE (polyether) technology.  Inherently solvent free, with little to no VOC content, these technologies pose no harm and no threat to installers or building occupants and are environmentally friendly.  These products are used throughout the SOPREMA Group in a variety of applications and types of construction.  Learn more about STPE technology here.
  • The SOPREMA Group invests in research and development to promote and improve reflective roofing technologies.  High albedo reflective roofing, or cool roofing, products provide  for lowering the temperature of the roof surface ,  potentially lowering energy costs and mitigating urban heat islands while also extending the life of the roof  The SOPREMA Group of companies offers many reflective options from bright white granulated modified bitumen membranes, liquid applied PMMA & PMA polymeric membrabes, synthetic PVC, and white reflective coatings.
  • MAMMOUTH® Neo is a new roof membrane that was developed by SOPREMA in France. It is comprised of an innovative and environmentally friendly TPU elastomer made from organically sourced raw materials derived from 75 percent canola oil, using 30 percent less non-renewable fossil resources than traditional membranes. The product was patented in 2009 and is available in the United States and additional information can be found here.
  • Our SOPRANATURE Vegetated Systems offer more than just aesthetics.  Environmentally, there are many well-known benefits to installing a vegetated roof. These benefits go beyond simply trying to cut back on air pollution and creating new livable spaces.  Additional benefits include stormwater management, a reduction in the heat island effect, enhancing the longevity of the roofing system creating a more sustainable roof as well as increasing the energy efficiency of the building.  Learn more, about the benefits of vegetated roofing here.
  • Durability and longevity of modified bitumen products is by far one of SOPREMA’s greatest contributions to sustainability.  In fact, according to the Waterproofing Assocation’s (BWA in Europe) Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for SBS-modified bitumen from the bitumen, SBS-modified bitumen membranes are shown to have a 90 year service life, including overlays, over the lifespan of the roof; , proving the superior longevity and durability.
  • We offer a wide variety of systems with a LEED V4 compliant Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).  This standard document describes the environmental impact of a product according to the criteria of the life-cycle analysis and in accordance with the ISO 14025 protocol, which makes it easier to build sustainable buildings.
  • PAVATEX is a company acquired by SOPREMA that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality wood wool (spun wood fiber) insulation systems for the building envelope. These ecological and sustainable wood fiber boards are free from harmful substances and, thanks to their vapor permeability, enable healthy and comfortable living spaces  as well as secure construction. At the end of their life time the wood fiber insulating materials can even be composted.  For more information, please visit