SOPREMA Authorized Contractor Program

Our SOPREMA Authorized Contractor Program features criteria for the contractor to ensure quality workmanship where SOPREMA products and construction materials are used. This program also rewards our customers for their loyalty. Features of the program include:

  • Participation in our contractor training program to become a Certified SOPREMA Applicator
  • Use of the SOPREMA logo in marketing materials
  • Access to the SOPREMA store for SOPREMA branded wearables
  • Eligibility to achieve membership in our SOPREMA Mammouth Club
  • And more!

For more information about our Authorized Contractor Program, please click here.

Additional Product Literature

For more information pertaining to submittal packages, please check out our Document Library for Product Data Sheets, specifications, technical bulletins and advisories as well as our new detail drawings. These customized drawings allow the user to alter the detail graphically and textually without any computer aided design software or knowledge. The drawing’s customization can now reflect the specific conditions of a project. Contractors can customize the drawings for submittal packages that are required by the Designer.

Contractor Training Program

Our SOPREMA Contractor Training Program is offered as a way to improve your knowledge of our material installations, train new employees and qualify for the  SOPREMA Authorized Contractor Program. Courses are taught by one of our expert Technical Representatives. Learn more about our contractor training program.

Current contractor training program courses include:

  • Roof Construction Science (METCT092)
  • SBS-Modified Heat Welded Membrane Systems (METCT100)
  • SBS-Modified Cold Adhesive Applied Membrane Systems (METCT102)
  • SBS-Modified Self Adhered Membrane Systems (METCT103)
  • SBS-Modified Mechanically Fastened Membrane Systems (METCT104)
  • Liquid Flashing Systems (METCT107)
  • PVC Adhered Membrane Roof Systems (METCT120)
  • PVC Mechanically Fastened Membrane Roof Systems (METCT121)
  • Copper Art and Silver Art Systems (METCT122)
  • PMMA Liquid Applied Roof Systems (METCT140)
  • Waterproofing Contraction Science (METCT200)
  • Below Grade Self Adhered Membrane Systems (METCT201)
  • PMMA Liquid Applied Pedestrian Trafficable Surface Systems (METCT210)
  • PMMA Liquid Applied Vehicular Trafficable Surface Systems (METCT211)
  • Heat Welded SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems (METCT220)
  • Cold Adhesive Applied SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems (METCT221)
  • Self Adhered SBS-Modified Plaza Deck Systems (METCT222)
  • PMMA Liquid Membrane Plaza Deck Systems (METCT224)
  • Liquid Flashing for Plaza Deck Systems (METCT225)